Modular Layout


We’ll post different details about the DSED modular layout on this page related to construction, work sessions, parts needed, parts we have.

Leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas if you’d like!

As of early January DSED has set as a goal to expand the modular layout to include a center island yard. This will run us several hundred dollars and potentially a big dip in our division coffers. We have already received some very helpful pledges though for donations, and we hope to be able to be in a position to have the yard funded soon.

DSED Modular Layout at Trains At Christmas 2012

DSED Modular Layout at Trains At Christmas 2012

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  1. The following are the parts needed for the yard expansion.
    Make sure to see note on the right side for what parts that are pledged.
    In addition to this we have about $300 pledged as well.
    This means we’re over 1/2 ways to have/ pay for the parts needed!

    Keep checking this post for an update to the status of funding the yard expansion!
    If you would like to pledge funds or parts, please leave a comment or contact the superintendent.

    In addition to the parts below, there will also be costs for wood, hardware, paint etc.

    Qty. Walthers P/N Description

    1 552-1051 Peco medium radius right hand : Part is pledged (ordered)
    1 552-1052 Peco medium radius left hand : Part is pledged (ordered)
    1 552-1047 Peco small radius right hand : Part is pledged (ordered)
    1 552-1048 Peco small radius left hand : Part is pledged (ordered)
    4 552-1064 Peco large radius wye
    0/3 552-90 Peco double slip : We need a total of 3 – 3 has been pledged (ordered)
    0/6 669-153 Shinohara code 100 28″ radius curve sections : Parts donated
    0/34 Atlas code 100 flex track (or comparable) : All lengths pledged, 9 of which has been ordered, 25 will be donated at the 2/21 DSED meeting.

  2. Gentlemen,

    I had time and money to stop by Hobby Town today. I was able to purchase 25 of the 34 Atlas code 100 flex track sections. These will be brought out to the February meeting.


    Tim S.

  3. Dan Horner donated (I have them) two items–a soldering stick and solder. Will have available tomorrow (Saturday) for future use.

  4. Dan Horner provided a soldering stick and solder roll. I’ve got both and will provide you (or Jay) tomorrow afternoon (Saturday).