Sep 152014

Come join us at the Prairie West Library in Sioux Falls (by Discovery Elementary and Memorial Middle School) on 9/20 from 10 AM – 2 PM.

  • Modular layout: We will bring our HO (1:87) scale modular model railroad, where trains will be running as long as we are there.
    We welcome questions/ discussion from young and old.
  • Mountain Making: As the crowd of kids permits, we will guide them in a hands on demonstration on how to make a mountain for a model railroad using foam board, rocks and sculptamold/ plaster and some simple tools. If there is interest this will be more than once during the course of the day. It’s a fun interactive activity,
  • Switching Layout: We will be featuring a new HO scale switching layout. This is a smaller layout where you can try your hands at running a Digital Command Control featured locomotive and exercising your brain with efficient movement of railcars. Also a favorite with the kids!
  • Additional layouts: We expect 1-3 additional N scale (1:160) layouts that members will bring for the public to watch. Don’t have enough room for an HO scale basement model railroad empire? N scale will do it in about 1/2 the size
Nov 122013

DSED Member Alan Saatkamp, Master Model Railroader, will be featuring his new Progressive Rail switching layout at the 2013 Trains At Christmas November 23-24 at the W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls.

The pictures below shows a schematic of part of the layout and a scene from Hamburg Ave. on this model of the real deal known as Airlake Industrial Park near Lakeville, MN south of Twin Cities.

Kids will have an opportunity to try their hands at operating (run trains)!


DSED will also be there with the modular layout, and we hope to feature never before seen yard modules.


We hope to see you at Trains At Christmas!

PGR Schematic PGR