Sep 152014

Come join us at the Prairie West Library in Sioux Falls (by Discovery Elementary and Memorial Middle School) on 9/20 from 10 AM – 2 PM.

  • Modular layout: We will bring our HO (1:87) scale modular model railroad, where trains will be running as long as we are there.
    We welcome questions/ discussion from young and old.
  • Mountain Making: As the crowd of kids permits, we will guide them in a hands on demonstration on how to make a mountain for a model railroad using foam board, rocks and sculptamold/ plaster and some simple tools. If there is interest this will be more than once during the course of the day. It’s a fun interactive activity,
  • Switching Layout: We will be featuring a new HO scale switching layout. This is a smaller layout where you can try your hands at running a Digital Command Control featured locomotive and exercising your brain with efficient movement of railcars. Also a favorite with the kids!
  • Additional layouts: We expect 1-3 additional N scale (1:160) layouts that members will bring for the public to watch. Don’t have enough room for an HO scale basement model railroad empire? N scale will do it in about 1/2 the size

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