Sep 082014

After a lot of deliberation DSED has decided to not hold an open house event in 2014 where the public gets a chance to view personal layouts in the greater Sioux Falls area.
Declining participation by the public has made us rethink how we approach this in the future. At this time this is not a permanent end to our open house events. It may come back in 2015 or later possibly in a different format and during a different time of year the the October time frame when we have typically held the event.

We appreciate all that has visited with us during past years’ open house event.

Our modular layout can be seen two times this fall though. We will be at the Prairie West Library on 9/20 from 10 AM  Р2PM, and at Train At Christmas at the W.H. Lyons fairgrounds in Sioux Falls on 11/22-23, and we hope to see you then.

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